How To Know You Are In Manipulative Relationship

Handle Manipulator In A Relationship

When love is a lie, it may not be evident to the other partners at first. This is especially if the real and loving partner is the weaker vessel. When you have a narcissistic partner, the road to your relationship may become bitter and full of dramas. In fact, the weaker partner will always experience the total madness of a narcissist second halve. Living in a manipulative relationship can be compared to living with the devil in hell. It is a personal experience to have a manipulative person in a relationship. Many people are currently experiencing this problem in their relationship without knowing how to handle the manipulative behavior in relationships. The problem is often not the weaker and real partner. It is simply the problem of the narcissist partner. On daily basis, the drama will always unfold until something strong enough to counter the manipulative partner is present or available.

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The truth is that the sense of manipulation remains a character disorder that most people cannot control. This character disorder will feed well into a weaker narrative when the opposite end or second halve has no clue to resolving the problem. The narcissistic person may love their partner, but the character disorder is already planted in them. Since a manipulative person cannot help but display inconsistency in a relationship, you may end up feeling bad and sad every time. It is the responsibility of the weaker and true partner to find the right solution to resolving this problem. When love is lie, it may end up destroying almost everything in a relationship. This is especially when the weaker and real partner is unable to confront the problem.

Some people often remain in such relationship in expectant to change the narcissist lover. The truth is that you will not be able to change a manipulative lover. A psychopaths, sociopath and narcissist cannot be changed by anyone. In fact, no magic pill, therapy or love can help cure a manipulative lover. It starts from the way of reasoning of the narcissist and eventually creeps into their love life. If your partner is a manipulative person, then you have a lot of work to do. The emotional manipulative lover will do everything to make lose grips to power and control of the relationship. This will help a narcissist lover to be the dominate figure and have control of the relationship, time and again.

Even there is no cure to the problem of a manipulative partner, you can still apply some preventive methods. Disappearances or reappearances and the silent treatment can be highly effective. A manipulative lover in a relationship can make use of disparaging techniques to overshadow their victim. One of the most effective methods to overcome the pressure of a narcissist partner is non-communication. If you are not careful and mindful, there is every possibility to always cry in this kind of relationship. A manipulator is always found everywhere people exist and they can be harmful to their prey.

I highly recommend this book "When Love Is a Lie" which will educate, enlighten, and empower you to evaluate the mind-boggling dysfunction in your own relationship. Get your copy of this book here!