Know The Emotional Manipulation Tactics Used By Manipulators

Be Careful With Emotional Manipulators

It is important to know that your emotions belong to only you. For many people, emotional skimmers may be one of the most difficult individuals to handle in life. However, the truth is that an emotional manipulator remains one of the easiest things that anyone can overcome easily. Below are some good reasons why you should be watchful of an emotional skimmer.

1. Emotional skimmers will always tell you that everybody accepts or agrees to certain situations or conditions. This is a method that an emotional manipulator can use to make you feel bad, fear and confused. Emotional skimmers often adopt this emotional manipulation tactics to ensure that their victim is powerless to question them in any condition. It takes an intelligent victim to immediately run for their dare life and take cover in a safe place.

2. If you really want to know an emotional manipulator, they often try to diminish or hurt your feelings. Emotional manipulative people will always focus on making you to be blame for everything. Even when they hurt your feelings, they will provide several reasons why you are the main cause of the problem. In fact, if you’re not careful enough, you may begin to blame yourself and accept that they are right.

3. Manipulative people do not believe in having accurate facts before passing judgment on their victims. Since they are skimmers, you may end up regretting every move or attempt to please manipulative people. Emotional manipulators will always make a conclusion about your actions without having to apply the correct rules and regulations.

4. If you are already in the net of a manipulator, then it is time to escape. Manipulative people usually push back their actions on you. This means that everything an emotional manipulator does or says to you is the direct opposite. For instance, if you complain why they suddenly acted in a negative way, an emotional manipulator will provide the same reason to discredit your question. This will keep wondering of the manipulator is the one doing the right thing and you’re simply wrong, time and again.

5. Manipulative individuals have special languages or words that can be used to scare their victims. For instance, forget it, you will not understand or simply ask Google. These words will keep on exploding in your head to make you look stupid or foolish. In fact, you will believe that your gut is not intelligent enough to understand the rhythm of life, trends, situations or conditions. An emotional manipulator often finds it difficult to explain themselves.

6. One funny way an emotional manipulator often act is to have two-faced features. This means acting toward differently both in the private and public. A manipulative person may make you the center of a joke and quickly dismiss your feelings. This is done to help them stay above any attack that may come from you. You may end up being seen as the wrong person after the whole comedy. Theses six reasons are enough to make you watchful of an emotional manipulator.